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Setbacks, Difficulties and Moving Forward

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015

Setbacks, Difficulties and Moving Forward

Hey Fam,

We need to give you an update about our tour to Australia. Tomorrow morning Derek, Bethanie and Caleb will be flying out first thing to Australia. We are so excited to re-connect with old friends and make a ton of new ones! The tour kicks off with a brand new festival called Rock The Peninsula, then we are doing a bunch of work with our friends from Easterfest before play Forest Edge Music Festival and then back up to rock the MainStage at Easterfest itself! We are very excited.

However the excitement is tempered by some developments over the weekend. The Al will not be flying out with the rest of the band. After an incident on stage and a few health scares on our last tour, Al went to the doctor to try to get to the bottom of some things that were bothering him. After a series of tests the doctors determined that he should not be travelling at this time. We are all extremely disappointed as Al is (of course) an integral part of Tasman Jude, and he was looking forward to connecting with all the Australia fam. We all appreciate your prayers for our brother and the tour. While we really want him on the road with the band as soon as possible, the focus remains on getting The Al healthy and taken care of.

THAT BEING SAID, Al is working hard to continue investigating this illness and get to a healthier place physically. We are hopeful he will be able to meet-up with the rest of the band in Australia soon. We are anticipating a great tour and can’t wait to spread love and dance with the family. You guys are amazing!

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  1. Hoping The Al gets better very soon and is able to join. Thoughts and Prayers with all of you for speedy recovery and safe travels!

  2. Safe journey. Hugs for Bethanie…she is my beautiful niece….have a great tour.

  3. so sorry to hear about this. My family sends love to Al

  4. Safe travels Tasman fam. Enjoy the fests & adventures in Australia. Looking forward to all your posts. Prayers for the Al & his health. God Bless all of you.

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