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New Music Video To Raise Funds For Brain Tumour Research

Posted by on May 10, 2015

New Music Video To Raise Funds For Brain Tumour Research

Hey Family,

It has been and incredible 11 months since I (Derek- Bassist) quit my job and came on the road with Tasman Jude. We have gone so many places and met so many amazing people it is hard to even pick out highlights. Recording an album, a cross canada album tour, Trinidad and Tobago, Western Canadian Tour, Australian tour and now we are on our Coast to Coast to Coast Soldiers of Love Recruitment Tour. Playing music, meeting new people and spreading our message of Love is great but the biggest reason it was easy give up a comfortable life and do this was because this band is not simply about the music. We have been given a platform and at every opportunity we can we give back wherever and however possible.We were asked back in August by our friend Chris Weibe to contribute on a benefit album with a handful of other artists to help raise money for Brain Tumour research called “Giving Back Memories” GBM for short which is also the abbreviation for glioblastoma multiformeWe took a poem written by the daughter of a man who sadly passed away as a result of a Brain Tumour and turned it into a song called “Mario”. It was an honour to be entrusted with something as personal as that.

We wanted to do something to get this album out there and generating more funding for Brain Tumour Research and thought that a music video for the song would be perfect. So we entered the Storyhive Project and are trying to get a grant to make this possible. This, as with everything we do, only happens when the family gets on board. We need you to GO HERE sign up and vote for us and check out some of the other awesome bands and give them some votes as well.

Without all of you Tasman Jude would be nothing so thank you!!!Tasman Jude Giving back memories album mario video grant story hive telus application

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