Far from the traditional home of reggae, Tasman Jude performed for the first time. It was really more of an improvised jam than a show, however the response from the crowd was remarkable, and a band was formed. From this moment on, Tasman Jude made it their goal to connect deeply and spread hope with as many people as possible, and after only 3 months they found themselves with a committed fanbase and an EP charting on iTunes.

“We really aren’t interested in fans” explains Caleb Hart (lead vocals) “we are on a mission to build a family through hope & music.”

Enthusiasm for their passionate live performances and uplifting music quickly spread around the globe with singles like “Family” & “Every Breath” (From their #1 reggae album ‘GREEN’) picking up radio airplay and songwriting awards as they travelled.

Tasman Jude continued to tour hard playing hundreds of shows over their first 3 years. As they toured, they continued work on their second full length album ‘GOLD’, filling the record with battle tested crowd favorites as well as some of their most intimate songs to date.

“This album came from deep within our experiences as a hard touring, and deeply relational band” says Hart. “It’s an expression of joy, pain, truth, sorrow, love, struggle, fun, confusion, and hope.”

As has been their tradition, Tasman Jude wanted to find a way to give back with this record and so are donating a percentage of every record sold to Music Heals to further music therapy programs.

For booking and other information please contact:

Andrew Jones ([email protected])