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Back to Canada After 10 Weeks in Australia

Posted by on Apr 10, 2015

Hey fam,

We just got back to Canada after spending TEN WEEKS in Australia and loving every minute of it.

We started the tour off with Rock the Peninsula at Mueller Performing Arts Centre having the privilege of Black Indie joining us on guitar; it was such a good start! Then for the next month, had the privilege of travelling around to schools in SE Queensland, playing for about 15,000 amazing students and encouraging them about the truthful theme of Easterfest 2015 – “Love Changes Everything”. Black Indie dropped what he was doing and came on tour with us. He was such a huge blessing.

In March, we embarked on our own tour, taking us from Toowoomba to Stanthorpe, Moree, Wagga Wagga and down to Forest Edge Music Festival (near Melbourne) which was such an incredible experience! We got to see some incredible bands (will mention them at the end of this post) and added hundreds of Aussies to the family. The amazing Germein Sisters then invited us to hang out at their home in Adelaide, so we took their drummer, Clara and ventured along the Great Ocean road, it was amazing.

We then ended up playing a show at Adelaide Fringe Festival which was such a cool festival! Then we head across to the East Coast and toured between Sydney and Brisbane visiting every beach we possibly could. I spent my 24th birthday getting slammed by the huge waves at Redhead Beach (Newcastle) then ended it with a cheesecake in Wingham. Up the East Coast we went to Gold Coast where we would have an incredible morning that got even better when we were rear ended, resulting in our last week in Australia being one filled with physical pain but heart-filled joy! The car was written-off and we couldn’t drive, but had to get to Taree for “Rock’s been rolled” and back to Toowoomba for Easterfest. So, would you believe, the owner of the vehicle that we had borrowed and got into the accident with, decided to donate his time and came to be our driver!

We made it to Taree, in pain but ready to rock and it was a phenomenal day. The next stop was Easterfest… the weekend we had all been anticipating. However, something had happened over our two months in Australia that none of us can explain… we had fallen in love. So, Easterfest meant it was the end and we felt unusually uncomfortable about this fact. So we made the most of it!

Friday morning began for me (Caleb) on mainstage w/ Fox and Fiasco kicking off Easterfest with their brand new song ‘Love Changes Everything’ which I had the opportunity of co-writing and featuring on. Tasman Jude on Mainstage later that day was unbelievable… the family showed up to party and rammed the front of the stage. They were singing our songs so loudly that we could hear their beautiful voices over the sound system. What a surreal experience, thousands of family sharing in one love with us. We had the honour of having ‘Black Iris’ on stage doing backing vocals, Luke Dowler featured on ‘Rejoicin’, Fatai sang and Dave Schenk (the director of Easterfest) came up and drummed for ‘Family’ which became the Grand Finale of our set… all the Easterfest staff, crew and family were on the sides watching; It was a moment for the history books.

That night, I got to feature on stage with Curt Anderson and Maddi Rose. It was such a great beginning to the festival. Saturday came and were all quite sore and stiff from the accident but we powered through to the VIP Caribbean Party that we threw for the students who we played for in February that chose to attend Easterfest. It was so hot in there that it really felt like a Caribbean Party. We loved it and the students loved it. We then lead everyone over to Mainstage for Germein Sisters, Slip-On Stereo, Fatai, Steve Taylor, Group 1 Crew and Switchfoot… all of which put on the shows of their lives!

Sunday morning arrives, we’ve barely slept and it’s the final day of Easterfest… the emotional state of this day was the weirdest/craziest that I’d ever experienced. I cried a lot. We played our last show that day at The Project then rushed back to festival for Signings and Q&A (on TV where I cried again). Derek and I then played bass and Djembe for Luke Dowler and it was so amazing.

The entire day, people were coming up to me and thanking me and Tasman Jude for being there and doing all that we’d done… I cried a lot. The final night had arrived and as muddy and messy as it was, no one wanted it to end. So, after a combined performance by Jeremy Fowler (New Empire) and Fatai, the clock struck midnight, the sound system’s had to be turned off and festival grounds had to be cleared. What happened next has been called ‘The best Easterfest experience I’ve ever had’ by many people. Jeremy, Fatai and myself went outside the gates with our instruments and hearts to not stop… surrounded by hundreds of EF family that felt the same way, we started praising together. Multiple of our musician friends joined in with their guitars and angelic voices. Picture this… the lights have been turned off, there is no sound system, no one is famous, except our Creator. Hundreds of us just gathered in a circle and sang our hearts out until 2am. That was ‘the end’ of Easterfest as we know it.

The announcement had been made earlier that day that EF didn’t make budget and were at a crossroads about the future of the festival. Well, as much as I don’t want that to happen… if Easterfest 2015 was the last one, then it went out with a silent bang of humility. It was amazing.

Monday came, we said our final goodbye’s, cried some more then went and hung out with Koalas. We flew out of Brisbane on Tuesday morning and got to Canada on Tuesday morning (riddle me that) Now we have a week off as we prepare for our ‘Soldiers of Love’ recruitment tour of Canada.

We will starting off in our hometown of Grande Prairie, touring to Vancouver, then across Canada all the way to Nova Scotia and BACK across to Vancouver Island. We are extremely excited to take all the love we have and gained in the land down under and share it to our Canadian family. So check our tour dates and bring ten friends for swugs (sweaty hugs).

We are also a part of the CBC Searchlight contest to find Canada’s best new band. You can vote once a day, per device so if you feel like stealing your mom, dad, sibling, dog’s phone/ipad/laptop to vote for us here: http://music.cbc.ca/#!/artists/Tasman-Jude We won’t complain, as long as you give it back! Thank you SO MUCH for all your constant love and support, family. Remember, to us, you are NOT fans, ‘cus ‘fans’ is short for fanatics and we don’t want fanatics, we want family members that share in our vision for unconditional love to be spread through-out this earth, for every one, with no condemnation.

Blessings and love, always. Caleb ‘Bravehart’ Hart

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