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New Single ‘Gold’ Is Out Now!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015

New Single ‘Gold’ Is Out Now!

Hey Fam!!!

We are so excited to get our New Single “Gold” out to all of you. You all are what inspires us to keep pushing forward. It is amazing and humbling to see how much you support us. None of us could ever say often enough how much we appreciate you. What we all have created together is incredible and we are forever grateful.

Most of you will have noticed we took some time off from touring. As rewarding as it is seeing your smiling faces out at shows we all needed some time to rest, recuperate and refocus. But before Caleb, Bethanie and I (Derek) headed off to our temporary homes we wanted to record something for you all. We had this song that kind of just came together jamming for a few minutes before a TV interview. Bethanie was playing guitar, I was playing my bass and Caleb was singing and playing Djembe for this interview. It all came together after our soundcheck and we were waiting for the interview to start. Bethanie started playing a couple chords, I started in on a bass line and before you know it Caleb was back on the mic and singing. We ended the jam and knew right then something awesome had just happened…. and so did the people in the studio. It got revisited a few times on tour and every time it became even more special. After a few times a chorus and a structure began to develop and our new single “Gold” was roughly formed. It’s no secret that we don’t want to just entertain you; we want to inspire you. We truly believe there is Gold in every single one of you and we want to help you see that in yourselves. This single is all about that truth.

“Calling all the Royal Children, Calling all the Royal Youths
Calling all the Royal Children, Calling out the Gold in You”

It has a lot of groove, a great break down and the best production we’ve ever had thanks to the amazing team at The BEACH Studio in Calgary, Alberta.

If you haven’t already got your copy follow any of the links below to get it now.

iTunes (bitly.com/BuyTJGold)
Spotify (bitly.com/StreamTJGold)
SoundCloud/reggaeville (bitly.com/DownloadTJGold)

-Derek Wilder

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